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It was May of 2018 when I was on my bicycle, halfway through my twenty-six mile commute home, when my phone rang in my jersey pocket. I rarely answer my phone on a bike ride, but something made me reach for it this time. As I straddled my bike in front of the feed store in Santa Margarita, California, my UCLA Neurofibromatosis doc told me that the report I’d sent her of my recent mammogram and followup ultrasound was concerning. She invited me down to Burbank to meet the breast cancer team at her clinic. Riding those last ten miles home, I couldn’t imagine a better way to process such news.


Between July 13, 2018 and February 5, 2019 a mere seven months, I had my annual mammogram, a followup mammogram, a couple of ultrasounds, a biopsy, two MRIs with contrast injections, four chemotherapy infusions, a lumpectomy that was supposed to be outpatient surgery with complications that resulted in an overnight hospital stay, a couple of trips to the local urgent care doc, eight trips to Burbank including an emergency trip to the ER for a Neutropenic fever, and three weeks of daily radiation. I took pain relievers, steroids, antibiotics, and the antihistamines to soothe the two allergic reactions I had to antibiotics.


Never had I known such unrelenting, miserable suffering. I realized I was wrong about my notion that because I rode my bicycle 200 miles in one day (The Hemet Double Century in April 2016), I had the grit to get through chemo. In the middle of one of my lowest moments of treatment I realized that if I could get through chemo, my next double would be a cakewalk.


I wasn’t alone. I had an amazing medical team at UCLA who were there with me through every moment of my treatment. My family, friends, and workplace held me up, sat with me while I napped out of chemo stupors, sent cards, drove me to treatments, dropped off meals, sewed me hats, and listened while I whined.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like going through my journey alone. The Cancer Support Network can. Thanks for helping me raise funds to make sure they will keep doing what they do.


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  • Brian Stark donated via Alexandra Robin's page last month$50.00
    Hope you are doing well, Take care and God Bless.
  • Tom & Sue donated via Alexandra Robin's page 2 months ago$50.00
    For the warrior woman in our family
  • Tom & Sue donated via Alexandra Robin's page 2 months ago$50.00
    For the warrior woman in our family
  • Erica Clark donated via Alexandra Robin's page 2 months ago$50.00
    For my wonderful sister!

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