Here at the Cancer Support Community – California Central Coast, we all want to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. With 2022 right around the corner, we also want to share a few possible New Year’s resolutions for everyone affected by cancer. They might not all apply to you, depending on where you are in your experience. But we hope they offer a reminder that you are not alone on your journey. CSC-CCC is here for you.

Resolution #1: Become an advocate for yourself.

Making treatment decisions for yourself or with a loved one can be overwhelming if you have no medical background. At CSC-CCC, we provide several ways to bridge this divide. Our Learn About Cancer Types guides, available at our Templeton office are set up to help you learn the basics about your form of cancer. You can also call our Cancer Support Helpline, which provides free navigation for cancer patients or their loved ones. The Cancer Support Helpline is staffed by counselors and resource specialists who can help you get answers to some of your questions so that you can arrive at your next doctor’s appointment more prepared to make the best decisions you can. If you would like to reach out to the Helpline, please call (888) 793-9355.  

Resolution #2: Stay as healthy as you can.

Whether you’re receiving treatment now or in recovery, nutrition and physical activity are important ways to stay as strong as possible. Staying in shape can help minimize side effects of treatment and may even help prevent recurrence. Explore Cancer Support Community’s Virtual Kitchen (, where you’ll find cooking videos and healthy recipes specifically created to support the nutritional needs of people impacted by cancer.

Exercise can also play a vital role in your overall well-being—and it doesn’t need to be strenuous. Taking a walk, bicycling, or practicing yoga are all great ways to achieve the physical and mental benefits of exercise. We offer Therapeutic Yoga, and Tai Chi Chih classes to help improve your mental and physical well-being. Check out our calendar at for class times. 

Chemotherapy and cancer treatments can cause a loss of strength and mobility. Cancer Well-Fit is a free, small-group, 10-week exercise program we offer in partnership with Paso Robles Sports Club, to help restore strength and endurance, at each participant’s own pace. If you or someone you know if interested in registering for Cancer Well-Fit, please contact Kathy Thomas at Paso Robles Sports Club at (805) 610-6486.

Resolution #3: Build a community online or in-person.

Sometimes the hardest part of one’s cancer journey can be trying to do it all alone. Cancer Support Community’s MyLifeLine’s Friends & Family Sites exist to easily connect cancer patients and caregivers with friends, family members, and others in their support network. As a free service offered by CSC-CCC, MyLifeLine allows you to create your own private support website. Here, you can document your journey and receive social, emotional, and practical support along the way. Having this kind of support reduces stress, anxiety, and isolation. MyLifeLine also features 13 different discussion boards, from Living with Breast Cancer to Caregiver Support. These discussion boards provide a safe space to connect with others like you, share your own cancer experiences, and offer insights, coping strategies, and inspiration. Visit to get started. 

Joining one of our support groups, or participating in our social activities is another way to build your emotional support and to decrease the feelings of isolation. Please contact us at (805) 238-4411 or email [email protected] to get more information about our various programs. 

Not feeling up to making any resolutions? That’s fine, too. Living with cancer or being a caregiver to someone with cancer can be a full-time job. The most important thing you can do is focus on yourself and your loved ones in the new year.